Here’s Why CBT Is The Preferred Choice Of Therapy

The main focus of CBT is to teach your brain a positive way of seeing the world. It teaches you to control negative thoughts and replace them with rational, positive thoughts. There are several reasons why CBT works, but according to several therapists in London, here are top 5 reasons why CBT works:

1. You become more logical and rational

2. You can consciously control the adrenaline surge; teach your body to relax

3. You break the cycle of negative thoughts

4. Instead of worrying about ‘why’ you feel the way you do, you can focus on ‘how’ to fix it

5. You regain self-confidence.

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Functionalities Within Dyanmic NAV

Pushing Dynamics NAV into cloud? Dynamic NAV includes an exhaustive list of functionalities. Financial Managegement functionality is the core of this ERP and includes Payables, Receivables, General Ledger, Cash Management and Fixed Asset functionalities. Sales and Marketing includes Order processing, Sales and Marketing Management. Other functionalities include, Manufacturing, Warehouse Management, Jobs (Project Management to keep track of costs of material, manpower and marketing costs), Resource Planning (Manpower, Resource and Consumption), Service Management and Human Resources (especially for reporting).